الموضوع الأول 

No wonder if we say that
in many fields of our life nowadays. It is important not only for individuals but also for all our society. Really it is worth discussing.
On one hand , ……..… has positive effects on us since it bring us many benefits.
On the other hand ,......... has a vital role in building up our society.
To sum up what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that …… اسم الموضوع….. is necessary for the development of any nation.

الموضوع الثاني

no one deny the important of.…..in our life of any nation,…..can play an active role in all the fields of our life city can make our life easier and the power to brighten and lhghten our gloomy life and solve most of the proplems wicch we are facing now adays

الموضوع الثالث

In my opinion…..has an important role in our life because we can get many advantages on other hand…..is very important for both in dividuals and society and we have to plan for it in every field of life, we must also ubilize others experience to develop our seives keeping up with the highstandars of civilized people, our present position not only needs great efforts and money but also high level of planning.
When we do so, we can grow and develop our abilities it is auniversal truth that nations are juged on their means of education an civilization.

In my point of view…..is can considered to be one of the most important aspacts of development progress and culture of nation all over the world

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